Siblings See Slovenia

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Another beautiful day! 

Rented a WV Golf and headed out if town towards Lake Bled about an hour north west of Ljubliana. The landscape was quite familiar--where have I seen open fields and big skies with mountains in the distance?! I drove, a wee bit nervously but cautiously and we made it to this picturesque town with my trusty map readers by my side. Went through a bit of a downpour, but the weather was lovely and cool in Bled.

Walked the 6km around the lake taking in every perspective of the little island housing the Church of the Assumption. 

Came upon the rowing club!! There's a regatta here in a few days. It's quiet here now, but I know it'll be a zoo then. Emma, you'd love the clear, cool water here and the views!! 

 (Had a bitter lemon soda and Croatian cevap--small BBQ'd sausages) at the club.

About 3/4 of the way around we met an artist nicknamed Bobi who was painting and selling his small, island themed watercolours. Quite a character he was, autographing the back and doing ink renditions of us on the back of the originals. I held the umbrella like a good apprentice and shielded the master from those drops of light rain. Apparently he loves to paint there all year no matter the weather. 

The cool thing was that Michael "glimpsed" his son with his phone so that William could actually locate where we were at that moment. That's my plug for Blackberry--Mike called my phone a Fisher Price phone. 

         (Mike was flabbergasted to see that he had to PAY to use the toilets)

Then we took a traditional pletna boat to the island that was rowed by one man--apparently not an easy feat as there's no keel. It was awkward when Dianne kept shouting "faster faster" at him (no she didn't) but he rowed to the island in 18 minutes--yes I timed it. Amazing!! 

There's a flight of steps that--so the locals say--if a bridegroom carries his bride up all 99 steps, the marriage will be strong. I have no doubt Jon could have hauled me up them no problem.

               (Not these stairs)

              (These stairs!!)

Chilled out on our balcony journaling a bit and enjoying the view. 

               (View from balcony)

Dianne found us a great Pizzaria called Rustica just up the hill from our hotel. 

The egg on the pizza was not our usual experience but Mike said he's never had a better pizza. Then "mom" helped us plan tomorrow's itinerary. Looks like she finished a lovely glass of Slovenian wine...


  1. I have several comments today:
    1. The pizza with the egg looks great.
    2. I am not surprised that Karen found an eccentric artist. But sounds like fun.
    3. I don't think your mom drank that wine. She likes white.

  2. Love the photos and stories! Looks and sounds like a fantastic experience. Can hardly wait to see the 'notebook' entries and hear more.