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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Leaving Klagenfurt this morning, we decided to let Mom do her part in some of the planning--she just nods her head in agreement most days. 

     (Who says only VW beetles can have dashboard flowers?)


Just a quick drive west--plus a construction detour that took us through some gorgeous forest and pasture landscapes--brought us to Carinthia's biggest and one of Austria's warmest lakes. It was practically a ghost town on a Sunday morning in April at the port of Varden. We did find a place to breakfast before walking the lakeside a bit where it began to get a little busier. 

  (Had to laugh when I saw this silver ball grouping--reminded me of home)
(The now quiet decks will be swarming in summer)


The rain kindly held off until we hit the road headed for the port town of Piran. Dianne, our resident sicko, was sleepy and medicated in the back seat.

Mike's stress level was at a maximum as we entered the town because, although we knew we could only drop off luggage and park elsewhere, the map is like a maze! It seemed quite impossible to merely get to the B&B as we stopped dead in our tracks and stared at the narrowest of roads that offered no hope of passing through. Thankfully, a man walking by was heading to work at a hotel in the direction we needed to go and was only too happy to jump in and direct us. 

         (Found our little hideaway)

      (Mike & Giuseppe Tartini, composer and violinist born there)
    (Not sure why this building looks gift wrapped but it is lovely)

                 (Tartini square)

              (An avocado tree!)

                 (Fishing nets)

  (I was quite happy and dry with my new umbrella and in the wellies I bought after the great rain of Ljubliana day 1. Forecast said rain for two weeks, so Dianne and I prepared)

 (Right at the tip of the peninsula--jutting into the Adriatic Sea. The water felt warm enough--by Canadian standards--to take a dip)


Ok, we knew it would be fresh and good, but it was beyond our expectations tonight at Neptune--an understated restaurant tucked into a side street off the harbour. 

      (The seafood king and his spoils)

            (Raw Scampi--weren't sure looking at it but it was fantastic. Also had raw sea bass that Mike favoured)

    (It was all going so well until the giant scampi tried to attack Mike)

 (Mixed seafood, shrimp gnocchi & calamari to share)

       (Panacotta & chocolate mousse)


Still pouring rain as we head back to a room we'll be sharing for a couple of days--don't remember all 3 of us EVER sharing a room.

    (Sharing a "Cozy" room with Drippy and Gassy. I'm sure I'll have a nickname by tomorrow--my vote is for Snow White)

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  1. "I tried to attack Mike." Mom, you sound like a 6 year old!