Siblings See Slovenia

Monday, April 21, 2014


Took us awhile, but we're finally here! We checked into our hotel and headed out into the rain to explore the heart of the capital city. The canal walkways and squares and streets are filled with beautiful buildings, caf├ęs and shops. Arriving Easter Sunday meant most shops were closed. The bells of the church rang out in Easter jubilee and our own as we took everything in.

Quite soaked and a wee bit jet-lag headed, our final stop was Cacao--where we enjoyed warm drinks and shared a torte (mike had ice cream!) looking like three half-drowned rats. 

Looking forward to hot showers, we donned our soaked "rain" jackets and headed for the hotel. 

Perhaps a boat tour tomorrow and a funicular ride to the castle. In my books, any city with a castle overlooking it is awesome.


  1. It looks so beautiful, keep the pictures coming!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the pictures. It helps us experience it on some level, although I am still jealous.

    Looking forward to the stories when you get back.