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Saturday, May 3, 2014


One more sleep and we'll be heading home. Taxi is arranged to pick us up at--are you kidding me?--5 a.m. Flight is at 6:45. 


Said goodbye to Venice.

Crammed 9 people and one "Ferrari"(ride-on toy) into a van headed to Ljubliana. 

Went for our last meal in Ljubliana. 

         (Mom and I enjoying our coffee)

Saw even more cool things in Ljubliana:

          (A milk vending machine with one liter bottle to fill up)

   (And a cheese one right next to it)

Came full circle as we walked the same lane to our hotel after dinner as we did from our first hotel in Ljubliana. 

    (Adam & Eve)

     (Love locks on the bridge)

Tucked in early in our triple room. Did I mention 5 a.m.!!

Now here's the best of the best. Cue the tear jerking, triumphant music and imagine the images of these great moments projected in slow motion.

Most crowded: Venice 

Most unique: Postojna caves

Most surprising find: Piran salt pans

Most awe inspiring: Murano glass demonstration 

Most verklempt moment: Ratzendorf

Most serendipitous: Baroque concert in Maria Saal

Most old-world elegant hotel: Quattro Fontane, Lido
Most high end hotel: Arcotel, Klagenfurt

Most beautiful terrace: Miracolo de Mar, Piran

Most able to charge anything electronic anytime: Mike

Best farmer's market: Klagenfurt

Biggest pretzel: farmers market, Klagenfurt

Most stairs: path to slap Savica (waterfall)

Highest heights: Bohinj gondola 

Lowest depths: Postojna caves

Best alarm clock: Mike (needs a snooze button)

Best blogger: Karen

Best editor: Dianne & Mike

Best server: George at Julia's

Most gassy: Mike

Most disappointing: seeing a McDonald's on Venice

Most bossy: Karen (no she's not)

Most snotty (ie congested): Dianne

Best navigator/map reader: Karen

Best decipherer of street/water travel: Dianne

Best expression: Mike's: What is that, a ham sandwich?!

Best breakfast: Quattro Fontane hotel, Lido

Best chocolate: salted dark chocolate, Piran

Best pizza: Dvor Pizzaria, Ljubliana

Most inviting city centre: Ljubliana 

Best transportation: Venice's water busses

Most enthusiastic travel info lady: Novo Mesto

Most pastoral: Pollandl & Obcice

Best laugh: Mike spitting out his first taste of Gorgonzola 

Best purchase: umbrellas & wellies

Best main course: Michael's smoked Gouda and pancetta ravioli, Julia's in Ljubliana

Best appetizer: raw scampi & sea bass, Piran

Best chocolate cake: Cacao, Ljubliana

Best bread: Bohinj

Best oil: pumpkin

Best panoramic view: Ljublianski Grad overlooking entire city

Best showerhead: hotel Pri Mraku, Ljubliana 

Best ice cream: Piran

Best smell: Jasmine bushes, Piran

Best bouquet: lilacs from Ratzendorf, lily of the valley from Klagenfurt and jasmine from Piran (our own bouquet)

Most blisters: Dianne with 5 in one day on two feet 
Best drink: Borovnicevek

Best beer: Slovenian Union

Best shopping: Murano

Most lost: Venice day 2

Most spontaneously helpful: Guesthouse Stari Tisler

Most eccentric artist: Bobi, Lake Bled

Most gracious: Quattro Fontane, Lido

Best insider knowledge: Miracolo de Mar, Piran

Best idea for 3 travelling: putting meals, hotels & attractions on one credit card

Best fortress: Predjama  castle

Best hotel booking website:

Best prepared: Dianne: pharmaceutical collection and blister relief

Best sounds: birds & church bells

Best travel companions: US!

& finally...

Most fearfully anticipated visa bill: OURS!! Mike is wanting to start a non profit "Siblings See Slovenia Society" to off-set travel expenses

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